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What Is a Mechanical Engineering Major?
Mechanical engineering majors learn about motion and energy, and they study fluid, solid and thermal mechanics. They spend time in labs, where they develop problem-solving skills and evaluate and design products. These products can range from prosthetics to machine parts and car engines. After having gained both general and specialized knowledge, graduates in this field can work as entry-level mechanical engineers or pursue further education also learn about the changes from gas vehicles from electric cars, see this here.

Common Coursework Mechanical Engineering Majors Can Expect
Coursework for mechanical engineering majors begins with foundational classes in math, physics and chemistry. Students also take mechanical engineering courses covering topics such as thermodynamics, fluid and solid mechanics, environmental science, and mechatronics. Advanced coursework may involve learning about systems and controls, energy science and technology, propulsion, design and manufacturing, heat transfer, and computational simulation.

Programs may vary, but mechanical engineering majors may be able to choose a concentration, such as automation and robotics, manufacturing, mechanics of materials, nuclear engineering, automotive engineering, or micro and nanoengineering.

Students may need to complete a senior thesis or capstone project, and many programs encourage majors to participate in research. For those interested in pursuing an advanced degree, some schools offer a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree path.

How to Know if This Major Is the Right Fit for You
Mechanical engineering majors must be analytical and logical thinkers as well as resourceful and imaginative. They should enjoy working with data and using creativity and innovation to solve problems. These students should be leaders who can collaborate with others and communicate well. Mechanical engineers also need to be sensitive to the ethical, environmental, global, economic and societal impacts of their work.